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Your training, your equipment, and your team matters.
Who you choose as your educational partner is the single most important decision you'll make as an affiliate marketer. That one choice will determine the quality of your training, the community you interact with, the experts you have access to - everything. With so many programs making so many promises, what should you be looking for?
A Real Long-Term Game Plan >
What kind of affiliate will you be? What are your goals? What's your educational plan to achieve those goals? If the program you work with doesn't help you generate a clear written plan forward (based on YOUR needs, not theirs), they are doing you a huge disservice.
Freedom to Promote Whatever You Want >
One of the best reasons to be an affiliate marketer is the freedom to choose: your hours, where and how you work, and most importantly, which businesses and offers you support. Any program that railroads you into promoting one offer is limiting your choice.
True Team of Experts (#NoGuru) >
A guru isn't an educational plan or institution. Trusting a guy in a leather jacket and a whiteboard to provide the kind of educational structure, follow-through, and attention you need is putting your eggs in the wrong basket. Look for a company with a broad range of experts and qualified teachers.
Actual Access to Experienced Affiliates >
When you're starting out, everyone that's done any affiliate marketing knows more than you. That doesn't mean they know enough. Any qualified program should have access to experienced affiliates who have years of success and have made more than six figures a year in commissions.
Competency and Accountability >
How do you know what you know? Competency. It may not sound sexy (or maybe it does), but a program that tests what you know with clear paths to certification creates confidence in your skillset.
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