Category: Tactical Mind

Alli Makela

The Tactical Mind is a clean-up guide for your whole life. Todd teaches us that our behaviors are the results of our attitudes and this can either produce positive results or create stress. By visualizing your goals and decluttering your surroundings, Todd challenges your mind and helps you take small, actionable steps to build success.

Eli Titus

I love the flow, and how it perfectly syncs with the week’s modules and training. As each week we are being tested, Todd was right there with the Tactical Mind. Filled with purpose and order to allow us to see through to the next week.
My experiences with Todd have been nothing less than amazing as He has challenged me, my way of thinking, and my old truths and start living out my new story. Stacking the blocks of evidence towards what is actually real.
I have learned to challenge the leader inside, to give light and vision. The Tactical Mind has helped build my mental tool belt so when those old stories or limiting beliefs do show up. I am stronger and much quicker to leave them where they lie!

Aaron Fraser

Words like “breakthrough” and “epiphany” are thrown around so much that they lose meaning.  But that is literally the only way I describe how effective and powerful this curriculum and training was for me.  Whatever you’re struggling with, this is going to make a difference.

Casssandra O. Tazelaar

I’ve done so much personal development in the past that never really stuck.  Tactical Mind and Todd have created something special. From the first week I’ve already started using the tools we’ve been given in my work and my relationships.  I would recommend 100%.

Rob Thomas

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Tactical Mind has changed not just my life, but my family’s life as well.  I’m a better dad, a better businessman and a better person. Above and beyond what I was expecting.