Category: Pro Membership

Sonia Marie Grant

Since day one, the affiliate institute had blown me away! From their knowledgeable advisors to the quality of the education and layout of the online back-office. I was looking for something that lined up with my core values and met my needs to work from my phone and this business exceeded all my expectations!!

Jenna Spurrell

Affiliate Institute makes learning easy! With a set step by step easy to follow learning process and the best knowledgeable trainers to guide you make it easy to get excited about advancing through the program material!! Highly recommended!

Amanda McGillivray

Affiliate Institute has by far exceeded my expectations of an educational platform! Simple strategies that I can start implementing right away into my business…. great support teams and networks to help me any time I am in need!!! And to top it off the community within AI is phenomenal!! I have never been more excited to learn and grow my business while diving into personal growth as well!! AI thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow my business and live my best life with the skill set and knowledge needed in the online industry!!!

Jason W. Radtke

I know that the digital industry is growing exponentially, so when my wife and I decided to make the shift into entrepreneurship….it was hard….like really hard. It was so amazing when we were introduced to the AI curriculum. The various levels of educational material that was provided was in total alignment with our goals of growth as freelance marketers. If you want to bridge that gap between employee to working for yourself….definitely recommend AI for an easy transition.

Noelle Walters

Affiliate Institute is dedicated to helping members learn the skills needed for online marketing first, and then support members as they build their affiliate marketing businesses. I appreciate the advisor support when I signed up, and now as I am completing my level 1 education.

Rafal Z Widejko

I have been with Affiliate Institute since day one, and the opportunity and the training provided inside is what has helped me go full time online and I was able to leave my 18-year corporate career within my first year. Now I get to spend time with my family building memories, while I’m running my online business from anywhere I have an internet connection and my phone or laptop…Thank you Ai team for showing me what is possible!

Brandon and Vanessa Cross

Affiliate Institute is nothing short of AMAZING! My husband and I joined AI to provide a better life for our three kids and so we could be present in their lives everyday. We had no previous background experience in digital marketing but that didn’t matter because the education walked us through the process step-by-step. We are so proud of the growth we have accomplished so far and we owe it all to Affiliate Institute. This community is truly amazing, and we are so thankful that we are a part of it!