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Sheldon Klassen

My name is Sheldon Klassen, from Edmonton Alberta Canada.

I was a stay at home Dad. After working 16 years in the automotive industry and 2 layoffs in 12 months, I was in a bad situation. It was my line in the sand moment as I swore I would not let anyone control my destiny again.

I saw people having success online. Freedom and flexibility is something that I craved. My father ran a retail store and traded his time and energy to make his business a success, but I did not want to sacrifice my family time for success, so I started to look for a way to earn money online and found social media management. I quickly realized I was tying myself to my business the way my father had.

Then I found Kam, Jang, and Julian – young, successful entrepreneurs who had built an incredible online system that allowed them to have total autonomy.

I started with the Affiliate Accelerator because it checked off each box – the tools, leadership, and roadmap I needed. The perfect learning environment, leadership , and education to get results.
The best part is, my Advisor created a custom road map so I know exactly what steps I need to take to reach my goals.

Since I began, my skills as a digital marketer has increased tenfold and my self-confidence has gone through the roof. 39 days into the program, I produced my first high ticket commission, which was more than I would have earned in 3 months at my part-time job.

I’m excited to keep growing each day – I know I have a bright future as a freelance digital marketer and that there is a limitless opportunity.

I am excited to create more video content and to become a traffic and conversions specialist, enabling me to serve my coaching and consulting clients at the highest level.

Before the Affiliate Accelerator, I struggled to find consistency online. It was hard to translate the information and convert it to positive momentum in my business. I’d spent thousands of dollars on “expert” advice only to find the same info for free on YouTube. I was spinning my wheels.

Now because of Accelerator, I have the confidence to create massive results, providing for my family and giving my wife the choice to work her corporate gig or not.

That’s the ultimate goal and for the first time, I can see it happening.

Thank you Ai, and thank you Accelerator.

Rafal Widejko

My name is Rafal Z. Widejko and I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Before the Affiliate Institute, I was working in the corporate world for over 18 years. I got started with the Affiliate Accelerator because I wanted to advance my skills to an even higher level.

Since getting started with Ai’s Affiliate Accelerator program I’ve been able to reorganize my online business and take it to the next level.

I’m excited to use the skills that I have acquired and leverage them towards my vision. I am now also confident in introducing this program to others, and showing them how simple and effective it is to follow this 12-week program.

Before the Affiliate Accelerator, I had some of this knowledge, I just did not know how to put it all together and apply it. The way the Accelerator is designed, it pushed me to work and apply these skills daily for a full 90 days. I’m excited because now I have a specific plan and I’m ready to continue building my online business. 

Now I have a clear path on how to do it in a way that is sustainable. I can continue to work full-time online, and can see clearly how I am going to be able to take care of my family with the income I create from my business.

Lorna Morin

My name is Lorna Morin, I’m from Toronto, ON in Canada! I‘m a mother of 3 who, in 2019, left a long-term career in the public sector that was no longer serving me to launch a digital business.

Before the Affiliate Institute, I was doing all my business through my warm network and it was negatively impacting my growth and my energy.

I got started with the Affiliate Accelerator because I was seeking growth personally and professionally. I wanted to learn new skills that would set me up for the future – both financially and energetically. I wanted to build new audiences online in order to grow my existing business and explore new opportunities to create an impact and an income online.

Since getting started with Ai’s Affiliate Accelerator program I’ve been able to increase sales in my existing business and generate a new stream of income as an affiliate marketer – all during a pandemic!

Now that I’ve gotten started with the Affiliate Accelerator program, I’m excited to use my skills as a digital marketer to create the life of independence and abundance of which I have always dreamed and to help other women move out of situations that are no longer serving them by creating a full-time income online.

Before the Affiliate Accelerator, I was a total novice! I had tried several online marketing training programs – and they were ok but the piecemeal nature of the curriculum meant I couldn’t see the bigger picture and so I wasn’t able to get excited about the future. Also, the lack of opportunity to practice and apply what I was learning in a supportive environment meant I didn’t integrate the material in a meaningful way and so I wasn’t seeing tangible results in my business.

Now because of Accelerator, I have a clear vision of my future as a thriving, empowered woman who is able to use my skills as a freelance digital marketer to provide for my family and help other women to live life on their own terms.

Craig Stephen

My name is Craig Stephen, I’m from Lake Country B.C. Before the Affiliate Institute I was an owner of a business in the Construction industry in Alberta.

I got started with the Affiliate Accelerator because I wanted professional leadership to guide me in building my marketing business.

Since getting started with Ai’s Affiliate Accelerator program, I’ve been able to confidently build out complete marketing campaigns and sales funnels. Now that I’ve gotten started with the Affiliate Accelerator program I’m excited to build, scale and optimize my very own marketing agency.

Before the Affiliate Accelerator I fumbled along on my own, questioning my ability to tackle the steep learning curve that was before me. Now because of it I can take each step with confidence, knowing that I have the skills to succeed and to create the life of my dreams.

Alannah Pasychny

My name is Alannah Pasychny, I’m from Kelowna, BC. Before Affiliate Institute, I was a stay-at-home Mom and a former radio personality.

I got started with the Affiliate Accelerator because as my daughter got more independent, I had more time and decided I wanted to learn an income producing activity.

Since getting started with Ai’s Affiliate Accelerator program, I’ve been able to make organic sales, start growing my following and generate cold traffic leads all within my first two months learning and working online.

Now that I’ve started the Affiliate Accelerator program, I’m excited to create a passive income so I have time and financial freedom for me and my family.

Before the Affiliate Accelerator, I had a very little experience online. Now because of it I am already building funnels and creating leads. It’s very obvious that with dedicated time, effort, and energy I can have a full-time income online thanks to the education and tools provided by Affiliate Institute.

Chris Hall

My name is Chris Hall, I’m from Bright Victoria Australia. Before the Affiliate Institute, I was a Bicycle Mechanic.

I got started with the Affiliate Accelerator because I knew it would give me consistent learning combined with action and support to make forward progress.
Since getting started with Ai’s Affiliate Accelerator program I’ve been able to improve my copywriting skills, advertise more effectively, and generate more quality leads.

Now that I’ve gotten started with the Affiliate Accelerator program, I’m excited to continue building my brand and directly impact more people’s lives with this incredible opportunity. Before the Affiliate Accelerator, I wasted money on other courses that made promises but didn’t deliver anything tangible to implement, had advertised online without any real effect, and felt lost and uncertain about what I needed to improve to start succeeding.

Now because of it, I can see clearly the impact I am making, which will enable me to live out my vision of mountain biking the world full time while earning my income online.