My name is Lorna Morin, I’m from Toronto, ON in Canada! I‘m a mother of 3 who, in 2019, left a long-term career in the public sector that was no longer serving me to launch a digital business.

Before the Affiliate Institute, I was doing all my business through my warm network and it was negatively impacting my growth and my energy.

I got started with the Affiliate Accelerator because I was seeking growth personally and professionally. I wanted to learn new skills that would set me up for the future – both financially and energetically. I wanted to build new audiences online in order to grow my existing business and explore new opportunities to create an impact and an income online.

Since getting started with Ai’s Affiliate Accelerator program I’ve been able to increase sales in my existing business and generate a new stream of income as an affiliate marketer – all during a pandemic!

Now that I’ve gotten started with the Affiliate Accelerator program, I’m excited to use my skills as a digital marketer to create the life of independence and abundance of which I have always dreamed and to help other women move out of situations that are no longer serving them by creating a full-time income online.

Before the Affiliate Accelerator, I was a total novice! I had tried several online marketing training programs – and they were ok but the piecemeal nature of the curriculum meant I couldn’t see the bigger picture and so I wasn’t able to get excited about the future. Also, the lack of opportunity to practice and apply what I was learning in a supportive environment meant I didn’t integrate the material in a meaningful way and so I wasn’t seeing tangible results in my business.

Now because of Accelerator, I have a clear vision of my future as a thriving, empowered woman who is able to use my skills as a freelance digital marketer to provide for my family and help other women to live life on their own terms.