My name is Alannah Pasychny, I’m from Kelowna, BC. Before Affiliate Institute, I was a stay-at-home Mom and a former radio personality.

I got started with the Affiliate Accelerator because as my daughter got more independent, I had more time and decided I wanted to learn an income producing activity.

Since getting started with Ai’s Affiliate Accelerator program, I’ve been able to make organic sales, start growing my following and generate cold traffic leads all within my first two months learning and working online.

Now that I’ve started the Affiliate Accelerator program, I’m excited to create a passive income so I have time and financial freedom for me and my family.

Before the Affiliate Accelerator, I had a very little experience online. Now because of it I am already building funnels and creating leads. It’s very obvious that with dedicated time, effort, and energy I can have a full-time income online thanks to the education and tools provided by Affiliate Institute.