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pro·fes·sion·al /prə’feSH(ə)n(ə)l/

Participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs.

There are those of us who dream of owning our online businesses, being free of the grind, or having the financial freedom to travel or spend more time with the people we love.  Then there are those that are DOING it. Everyday. What's the difference? The right skillset, mindset, tools, and community. Luckily there's one place to find them all (hint: it's Affiliate Institute).

Why Go Ai Pro?

If you're thinking of taking the online world by storm, or just want to get started and see where it can take you, there's no better way to start than an Ai Pro membership.  Ai Pro members have exclusive access to:

Get Your Game Plan.

What are your online business goals? What education do you need to get there? How long should it take? Plan it out with your own personalized Game Plan on a call with an expert Ai advisor.

Get Certified.

As a Pro Member you'll have access to our entire Level 1 training.  Learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing from some of the best trainers in the world including:  copywriting, branding, sales, organic marketing, and more.  Complete your Level 1 final challenge and become a certified affiliate marketer.

Get Trained - Every Week.

In addition to our amazing on-demand curriculum, you'll have access to our weekly Pro training, live with an experienced affiliate.  Get inspired and participate in real marketing reviews from actual students (or submit your own).

Get Involved. Join Our Pro Community.

Pro members also get access to our exclusive Facebook community.  Meet other students both new and experienced and be part of the discussion (and fun).

Earn Your Certification With Amazing Curriculum

Copywriting 101 ($497)
Want to write content that drives engagement and desired actions? World renowned copywriter Lukas Resheske walks through his framework to understanding the ins and outs of Copywriting. As you work through Copywriting 101, you will begin to understand the importance of copywriting and how this skill will drive attention, action and engagement to all of your social accounts. You will understand how to speak directly to your ideal audience, whether that is your future fans, sponsors, or customers.
Funnel 101 ($497)
Websites are dead. You need a funnel. Understand the fundamentals of Digital Sales Funnels so you can learn to have systems and software doing the selling, telling, sifting and sorting for you. The truth is, traditional websites don't produce tangible results. Instead you will learn that a funnel drives the specific result you're looking for. Whether that is companies and fans connecting with you, or providing a streamline way for a customer to get your product or service by leveraging companies existing funnels.
Traffic 101 ($497)
Want tons of quality views and engagement coming to your content? Walk step-by-step through understanding the Traffic landscape. Learn how you can command attention at will to any piece of content you create on Instagram and Facebook. Imagine the power of this skill to attract the eyeballs of your ideal audience on to any offer you chose. Whether that offer is yourself and your brand, your company, or other companies offers through sponsorships and affiliate programs.
Business 101 ($497)
Leverage business systems to free time and get more results. In Business 101, Steve Harward and Kameron George guide you through the often-overlooked details of leveraging business systems and setting up the right infrastructure to set you up for success and potentially save a small fortune. Eliminate the common fear of feeling unprepared as an entrepreneur by learning from the mistakes of multi-million dollar business owners so you don't have to make them yourself.
Content 101 ($497)
Create content that engages and doesn't fizzle out. Understand the ins and outs of how to effectively leverage and create digital content so you can catch attention and hold it. Content 101 provides an understanding of the different types of content that exist, and how it can be leveraged in your marketing that exist, how it can be leveraged in your marketing, and explain the difference between creating and curating content.
Organic 101 ($497)
Engage your warm audience to grow. Understand who your warm audience is, and how the people who already have had exposure to you can help you grow your brand and reach quickly and free. Your fans that like, know, and trust you are the people will help you reach new heights and expand your digital assets and income.
Branding 101 ($497)
You are your brand and it is what you will be known for. Experience the power of personal branding with the amazing Chris Smith. You will understand why your brand will drive the results you need in action sports. Your brand is your new resume and learning to communicate your message effectively will attract the right fans, clients, and companies - and filter the ones that you don't want.
Follow-Up 101 ($497)
Fundamentals, psychology, and tactics behind following up. Understand the psychology and tactics needed to ensure every lead generated has everything a prospective buyer needs to make a buying decision. Follow-Up 101 focuses on how to effectively communicate with leads while providing an understanding of appropriate methods and frequency of which to follow up. You will be able to build templates and scripts and begin effective follow up with their leads and provide continuous personalized value to their fans.
Sales 101 ($497)
Effective communication at it's finest. A common feeling around sales can have a negative association, and it usually stems from personal experience with a car salesman. The truth is, you will discover that sales is everywhere in every day of your life. After Sales 101, you will understand how to effectively communicate with the other party and create an end goal that's a win/win for both of you.
Finance 101 ($497)
Create a powerful personal financial plan for your business. Caleb Guilliams believes that each individual is their own greatest asset, and their number one investment should be themselves. Caleb walks you through fundamental financial principles while guiding you through designing a personal financial plan. Something you were never taught in traditional education that has the power to create incredible outcomes within a short amount of time.
Live Q&A Training (Bonus)
Always get your questions answered. Online courses are amazing because you have flexibility to learn from anywhere at anytime, but what happens if you get stuck? Jump on a LIVE Q&A training and ask the experts the questions you need. Every live training is recorded, so you can re-watch them anytime and have no worry if you miss that live training you were waiting for.
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